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As a valued customer of BM Tech, welcome to our electronic vehicle information news! We are trying to reduce our carbon footprint by sending the BMW and MINI news as well as service reminders via email.

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Cost of Parts Dropping

The rising Australian dollar, particularly against the Euro currency, is finally beginning to make an impact on BMW parts prices. We are seeing the cost of regular service parts like filters and brakes, coming down, and it's not just the common parts, even odd items like computer modules etc. are also reducing in price. Unfortunately due to our very small market and distance from Europe we always will have to pay a little more than the European and USA markets.

BM Tech has always passed on the savings on original parts where possible. Of course there are some parts which attract better or worse discounts, such as when parts are needed to be purchased from BMW on the same day as required; they come with very little discount, however, when parts are purchased on stock orders, especially when we import them ourselves from Europe, they carry much better discounts.

BM Tech now stocks over 1000 lines of commonly bought parts so we can apply these larger discounts on to you. All common service parts will now be sold to you at trade prices. This is a great saving to you and even makes us competitive with other workshops using lesser quality parts.

You will now not only pay less for your BMW maintenance, but more importantly, will still be able to enjoy the benefits of our full two year warranty.

Warranty Woes!

Too many people underestimate the value and importance of parts warranty.

Some people nowadays are importing parts from overseas themselves. The problem is that you don't know what the quality is like.

Countless companies who sell on web sites like eBay claim they sell original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts, only to find out that the quality is not OEM. Proper OEM parts are from manufacturers who actually supply for BMW directly, so the quality should be equal to the original. The parts from many of these internet companies are not OEM and the quality is appalling and in some cases unsafe.

Many people who have also purchased parts from overseas know too well the difficulty when claiming warranty. Not only is it difficult to get warranty but they have to pay the freight charges again, not to mention the labour again to have it replaced a second time. BM Tech highly recommends against this due to the far-too-common poor outcome for customers.

Roadworthy Certificates Changes

This year, Vicroads has radically changed the way we check and process vehicles which need Roadworthy Certificates (RWC).

The new process involves extensive body structural checks and the new task of taking photographs of each vehicle to provide proof and authenticity in the preparation of the report. This extra cost for you (and extra work for workshops) at first appears to be a burden on your hip pocket, but these new rules are a great result for consumers. Firstly, the quality of RWC inspections will improve because it's getting a lot harder for shabby workshops, and the all-too-familiar horror story of purchasing a vehicle with a RWC only to find out it is full of problems, hopefully will no longer exist. These new rules are to protect you, the consumer.

Unfortunately, the extra time it will take to provide a certificate means the price will need to rise and the days of waiting for a Roadworthy Report can no longer occur. Roadworthy Certificates, including second inspections, will have to be booked in for a whole day.

Please speak to our Service Advisors for more information.

Non-Original Parts: Too Many Problems

We see it so often, BMWs booked in for brake squealing and vibrations caused by aftermarket brakes. The main problem with aftermarket brake parts are the pads. Having the wrong compound can cause the discs or rotors to overheat and warp, which will create a shuddering sensation through the steering wheel when the brakes are applied.

About 5% of brake jobs we do are replacing non-original brakes. So many people are seduced by the cheap prices from suppliers who sell poor quality parts made in China or East Germany, but ultimately, the price paid is doubled trying to rectify the problem. BMW went to a lot of effort in getting it right, so why change. Prices for original parts are also dropping which is a real bonus.

New Courtesy Cars

Many of you have seen our range of new courtesy cars at the Canterbury branch and have welcomed the change.

We initially looked at new BMW's and Mini's but feedback from our customers told us they wanted cheaper repair bills, not expensive hire cars.

Buying the new "Wheels Small Car of the Year", the i30 Hyundai has dramatically reduced the cost of finance and more importantly, the insurance premium, which in turn keeps the rental charges low. The Essendon branch will also soon be getting new courtesy cars.

New Staff

Denis Braitling is the new Service Advisor. Denis has owned his own business and his experience in customer service is vast. His knowledge and skills are excellent and we are very pleased to have him on board. Denis took over from Tim Meyerink who left the company to pursue a career in Tattooing. No surprises there!

De'arne Whitelaw is our new Receptionist. Dearne has extensive experience in reception and office administration. Her thoroughness and professionalism are a great asset to the company.

Jessy Mohanram is our Car Washer and Detailer. For such a physically demanding job, his attention to detail and work ethic and is amazing. We're very lucky to have such a good worker on the team.

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We will be drawing the prize randomly from all entries on the 19th of December and there is only one entry per vehicle. Good Luck!