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New Appointment BM Tech Canterbury Expansion

It’s our pleasure to announce that Martin Lemin has been appointed General Manager for the BM Tech Group.
Martin recently re-joined BM Tech in 2010 as the Spare Parts Manager. In that role he did a superb job in turning the Parts Department into an efficient and well organised part of the business. We were very impressed with Martin’s business skills that over 12 months ago, the owner, Joe Brogno offered to promote him to General Manager, which he graciously accepted. Over the last 12 months, Martin has undergone a period of intense and lengthy, on-the-job training and we have to say, he is doing a great job.
Martin will now be in charge of operations for both the Canterbury and Essendon branches.  His job will be to oversee all vehicle service activities, human resources, as well as the important customer service area. Martin is very focused on providing outstanding customer service and he is well known in the BMW industry for attaining this. I know you’ll be very impressed with Martin.
Joe’s actually known Martin since they were both apprentices at Grand Prix BMW in Hawthorn many years ago. He also worked for BM Tech as the Workshop  Foreman between 1992 and 1998, where he was instrumental in setting up many of the workplace procedures to ensure accurate and efficient repairs. In 1998, Martin left BM Tech to pursue other managerial prospects in the automotive industry. Joe and Martin always stayed in contact and have remained good friends. 
Joe’s role as Owner and Director of the Company hasn’t changed, however his new job within the company will be Marketing and Business Development Manager.  Joe found that this part of the business demanded full attention now that the company had grown to where it is today.  “I can now focus on promotions, advertising and managing business growth,” says Joe.

The New BMW X3

The new BMW X3 is a far cry from its predecessor.  This new all-wheel-drive model is an outstanding piece of machinery which actually drives and handles like a sports coupe, and looks so much better than the last one!  The performance from the new engines is truly breathtaking and to think that they only use around 5 to 7 litres of fuel per 100 kms is amazing.
There are four versions which you can buy:

  • The xDrive 30d is a 6 cyl. diesel with 190kW which can accelerate to 100km/h in 6.2 sec. That’s quick!
  • The xDrive 20d is a 4 cyl. diesel with 135kW and the fuel economy is 5.6 litres per 100 kms.
  • The petrol versions are both 4 cyls. and come in a xDrive 20i and a xDrive 28i. The 28i is a turbocharged version with 180kWs of power and can accelerate to 100 km/h in 6.7 sec.  Not bad for a 4 cyl!
What I really like is the high ground clearance which  enables you  to park anywhere without worrying about damaging the front spoiler.  If you’re looking for a spacious, powerful, economical and safe vehicle you really can’t go past the X3.  It’s that good!

Going Overseas?
In the last two years, we have noticed a growing trend with many of our customers travelling overseas during our winter months. However, a problem can arise with a car’s battery if it is sitting around doing nothing for two or more weeks. Last year, we had many instances with flat batteries after the owners arrived back from holidays.  You can just imagine how annoying and inconvenient this can be!
BM Tech offers many solutions to avoid that dreaded no start situation, including:

1. Free Battery Testing while you wait;
2. Servicing of your vehicle whilst you are away. This is where we can pick up your car from your home and then deliver it back once the service (and battery test) is complete; and
3. an Airport Valet Service where you can leave your vehicle at BM Tech Essendon for service and then we can drop you off at the airport. Once we’ve finished the service, we then deliver the car to Jetport Airport   Parking. On your arrival you will be picked up by the Jetport Courtesy Bus to take you back to your vehicle.

If you would like more specific information, please call our Canterbury Branch on 9836-1888 or Essendon on 9379-8810. 
Business Lounge Has Arrived

For many of you the inconvenience of being without your car is very annoying and at times, quite disruptive to your normal work routine. To make your life a little easier, we have introduced a new Customer Business Lounge for those who would like to carry on their business while we service their BMW or Mini at the Canterbury Branch.
This lounge is not actually a waiting room, instead it’s been designed to be your second, temporary office, where you will be able to enjoy all the same benefits as you would in your own home or office. The BM Tech Business Lounge offers free Wi-Fi, desks, a laser printer and a photocopier/scanner/fax.  You will even have access to a computer if you need one.
The business lounge is available to all of our BMW and Mini clients free of charge, however bookings are essential as we can only accommodate a few clients at a time. There are some conditions so please do not hesitate in contacting the Canterbury Branch on 9836-1888 for more information.
There will be more information about the Business Lounge sent soon.

Job Promotions

Staff Profile

Chris Caruso (left) has been working for BM Tech for over 20 years now and was our Foreman for the last 14 years.  He has now been promoted to Workshop Manager. His duties will be to allocate and co-ordinate all the service and repair work for the Technicians.  He will be responsible for quoting reports and ensuring the workshop remains productive and runs efficiently.

Many of you would already know Chris Fauvrelle (right) as the BM Tech Group’s Technical Manager.  He has now also been promoted to Workshop Foreman for the Canterbury Branch.
Tim Palmer (left) has been with BM Tech since he was a first year apprentice over 15 years ago.  He has now been promoted to Workshop Foreman for the Essendon Branch.

The Foreman’s job is a very important role where he has to ensure the Technicians are working efficiently and safely. One of the Foreman's roles is to assist the Technicians during difficult tasks; they are also there to oversee all of the diagnostic and technical jobs. I’m sure Chris and Tim will both do an outstanding job. 
Calling All Email Addresses!

 As part of our plan to eliminate as much paper based correspondence as we can, we would like to begin sending Service Reminders and Newsletters to you by email and SMS.  A survey of many of our customers has indicated that email and text messaging are definitely the way to go.  The only thing we need is your email, so if you haven’t given us your email address or believe that we may have an old version, could you please send it to us.  You can visit or just send us an email with your name, car registration and of course, the best email address to contact you on in the future.
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