CTEK Battery Chargers

This is a superb product for people who drive their car infrequently or own boats, caravans or are planning a long overseas holiday and are sick and tired of replacing expensive batteries!

As many of you would know, batteries need to be used and re-charged often otherwise they go flat and can prematurely fail.

The CTEK battery charger is a compact device which can be used as a normal battery charger or can even be permanently connected and mounted inside the vehicle.

When a vehicle is used infrequently or not going to be used for a while, all you do is connect the charger to a 240V mains plug and leave it alone. The CTEK will charge the battery and switch itself on and off depending if the battery needs charging, keeping the battery fully charged at all times, ready for the next time it’s needed.

The CTEK is probably the best of it’s kind in the market place. Features include:

  • Fully automatic for optimal maintenance charging
  • For all lead-acid batteries, including the new AGM type
  • Ideal for charging in very cold conditions
  • Mode for reconditioning deeply discharged batteries
  • Can be permanently mounted in vehicle
  • Can be left charging for months on end.

BM Tech Battery Charger