Mini Jump-Starter

Throw away those jumper leads because this is the best new device for starting flat batteries I've ever seen. The Mini Jump-Starter is an amazing new and useful product which just ticks all the boxes.

It's simply a jump-start battery pack , the size of which can fit in your pocket, and can start an engine with a dead flat battery several times, and the best part is it's versatility; it can also re-charge your mobile phone or even run your laptop or TV for many hours!

It can be charged in around 5 hours on either 240-volt household current or via a 12-volt car power outlet, and will retain its charge from 6 to 12months!

The Mini Jump Starter eliminates the need for bulky jumper leads or another car or even having to call and wait for help.

At around $279.50, it offers great value. Now available at both our branches.

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BM Tech Mini Jump Starter