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BM Tech is an agent for the superb power upgrade specialists, Evolve-Technik, who are a Melbourne based company specialising in performance upgrades for European vehicles, since 1994.

Evolve-Technik's tuning partners, such as Bilstein, Evoms, G-Power, Force, H&R, Motec PP-Performance and Pagid are renowned in their field for BMW, Mini, VW & Audi tuning.

The performance tuning software is sourced from the best tuners in Europe, particularly Germany, where compliance standards are the highest in the world.

Performance programs are designed to increase power and improve response. The average power increase for a turbo engine is 20% and a non-turbo is about 8%. By installing an Evolve-Technik performance program, you will notice a significant increase in power and response.

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Why the need to change the program?

The power of standard engines will always be compromised because manufacturers tune engines to maximise fuel economy and minimise exhaust emissions at the expense of power. They also need to de-tune engines to accommodate the minimum fuel type for a particular country; in Australia’s case, it’s 91 octane. These combined changes unfortunately reduce engine performance.

So, by changing the program to alter the timing advance, fuel delivery and in the case of turbo engines, increase the boost pressure, the engine power is restored and in most cases, substanitally increased.

For more information including pricing, please contact our Canterbury branch on 9836 1888. If you would like to know a little bit more about performance upgrades for your BMW and Mini visit

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